Herbs discovery course November




Herbs discovery course November

Sunday 26th November 2023 at 9:30am.

Location details will be sent to all attendees via email or Whatsapp.

Topics covered are:

– Western and Unani Botany

– Unani astrology and its effects on herbs and health

– Environmental influences

– Akhlat (Humoral) mixtures

– Mizaj balances

– Seasonal effects on ourselves, plants and trees

Ground rules:

– This is an outdoor event. Please dress appropriately (waterproof jackets, shoes, etc) – any questions contact the college

– The date for each class may vary depending on weather conditions

– I have to insist that you only touch or try herbs which have been approved by myself and found to be safe for consumption or contact

– Be prepared to walk small distances (all locations will be easily accessible)

– Bring along note pads and field guides as you wish

Very important

Should you have a medical condition which may affect your ability to be outdoors or stand for periods of time then inform me as soon as possible.

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